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Q: How fast will I make results?
A: Elnara saw pretty impressive results with the first 30 days because she was doing what I told her 100%. Vicky also saw some progress in the first 30 days but she wasn't following the workouts or nutrition seriously at first. But when she got serious she made super fast resuults that's why it took her a few month for her progress.
Victoria was trying to get rid of cellulite and get a more lifted butt at the same time. Same with Coryn. That's why it took them a few months because when you're trying to do two things like that it takes a little longer. Many of the girls that sent in photos told me it took anywhere from a month to a few months.
You should see progress in your first month and the longer you follow it the progress keeps getting better.

Q: Do I need equipment or a gym membership to do these workouts?
A: Many of our workouts can be done at home with just your body weight. But as you get more fit it is a good idea to invest in some weights so your progress keeps getting better.
Things like ankle weights and bands, which are inexpensive, are great.
Many of the workouts with Vicky and Victoria can be done with no weights.
Elnara did use a barbell to make her progress. You can get a barbell with weights for around $100 brand new or a lot less if you find a used one (Or free. Sometimes people just give weights away).
If you're a beginner you'll see good progress just using your body weight. But as you get more advanced weights will be beneficial.

Q: Do you have gym workouts too?
A: Yes, we teach you the best gym workouts and exercises. I teach many different techniques as well as advanced methods.

Q: Is the nutrition plan hard to follow?
A: No it's super easy. I also help you understand nutrition so you can even create your own meal plan as some of our members have done.

Q: What if I have bad knees or get knee pain when doing squats and/or lunge.
A: Chances are you're doing those exercises wrong so I'll teach you how to do them right. I'll also teach you how to reduce knee or get rid of it with some of my foam rolling techniques.
I also teach you a ton of great exercises so even if you have really bad knees we'll find some exercises for you.
I've trained over 500 women and have taught many how to prevent and relieve knee pain.
Same goes for lower back pain. - All Rights Reserved